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Logan Zachary ~ Author Interview ~ Writer of Gay Mysteries

Hello everyone, please welcome Logan Zachary, an author of short gay erotic stories and gay mystery novels. I met Logan through Muse It HOT Publishing, and have enjoyed reading Big Bad Woof, one of his published gay mystery novels. You’ll see my book review of it below: ) He’s agreed to answer the tough questions…and he’s shared some fun stuff too: ) Before we get started, here’s a little something about Logan…

 Sydney (Logan's 4-legged pal)

Logan Zachary ( or ) lives in a haunted house that was built by the man who invented Old Dutch potato chips.  He is an occupational therapist living in Minneapolis, MN. He has a mystery series set in Duluth, MN, and he has over 100 short stories in print. Growing up in the snowbound Midwest, it is only natural for him to set many of his stories in Minnesota and the surrounding area.

He grew up watching Dark Shadows and reading the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries, thus moving on to Agatha Christie and PD James. He is an avid reader and book collector of horror, romance, and mystery.  He loves 80’s music and has an eclectic taste for more things than can be listed. Sydney, his dog is spoiled rotten and runs the house, allowing him to write only when she is napping.

Please tell us how the idea came to you for Big Bad Wolf (2013) and GingerDead Man (Jan 2015). Please include all the fun details.

I started a cozy mystery and had the perfect Title: Little Dead Riding Hood, but the characters weren’t working as I wanted them to so I changed the main character from a woman to a gay man, Paavo Wolfe, who was separated from his partner.  With two strong, stubborn men and Northern Minnesota, I feel I have been able to put the unique elements together to make a fun, new series.  The weather is brutal and isolates people, and cell phone reception is poor, so it makes for a lot of problems for all those living in the area, in addition to life in general.         

What drives, motivates, and/or inspires Paavo Wolfe and Detective Joe DeCarlo?

They love each other, but have their pride and their jobs which take a lot of their time and aren’t able to connect, so when Paavo moves out of Joe’s house to his friend Peter’s Bed and Breakfast, it opens the door for the heroes to be apart and independent, but when a crime happens at We’re Wolfe’s Books, Paavo’s horror movie and book store, it throws them back into each others’ arms. Both men start working their own investigation from their special point of view.

What’s Paavo Wolfe and Joe DeCarlo’s job?

Paavo owns We’re Wolfe’s Books, a specialty horror movie and book store that has everything from movie posters, to action figures, to out of print movies and books.  He knows horror and mysteries along with sci-fi.

Detective Joe DeCarlo is a proud Italian policeman that works too hard and too many long hours, ignoring Paavo and allowing him to open his struggling bookstore.  Being from a Catholic family and a public figure, Joe’s position is always putting Paavo second or third.

Give us some insight into Paavo.

Paavo is looking for himself.  He has a great group of friends and has the perfect lover, but he feels that something is missing in his life and is trying to get all his pieces to work together.  He is a hopeless romantic and selfless to the point of giving everything he has away to help someone else.

What’s a bit of his back story?

He grew up in a small town and moved to the big city of Duluth, which has become smaller than the town he grew up in.  Paavo came from a well known family and being gay has made him stand out and be the talk of the town.  So living in a bigger city, he wanted to escape that, but now everyone knows everything, and he has become a local celebrity and can’t hide any more.  Todd Linder has thrust him into the news and seems hell bent on making Paavo look foolish, which only seems to backfire on Todd.

Why this location? Anything in particular in real-life that made you select it?

I lived in Duluth for three years and loved it.  I miss living next to Lake Superior and nature.  This is the anti – gay world of TV and movies, so it shows a different lifestyle in the Midwest, the fly over section of the country.  I want to show our wintery state in all of its glory.

Is Big Bad Wolf included in a series? If so, what series and can you give us titles and a tagline for other books in this series?

Big Bad Wolf is the first book in my series.  GingerDead Man is the second book, that is being edited currently, and I am getting ready to start Billy Goat Snuffed soon.  Once I am caught up on a bunch of short stories I have been asked to write. 

Which scene was your favorite to write?

I love writing the action scenes and putting Paavo in danger.  I love to see how he reacts and how he figures out how to escape and rescue himself and his friends.  I was told by one editor I was too nice to my characters, so Paavo has been attacked in a hot tub, and how easily he gets sucked into things against his will.  One of the fun scenes in Big Bad Wolf is where Paavo is forced to play Little Red Riding Hood in a Halloween show.  Putting him into danger and getting him out is fun.

Can you share a little of it?

Paavo wanted this whole thing to be over. He walked to the screen/house, and the screen showed a hand knocking on the door. Slowly, the panels of the house slid back into the floor. As it disappeared, a big bed floated up out of the fog and moved slowly toward him.
“Grandma, are you sleeping?” a young girl’s innocent voice asked.
A white-capped head popped out from under the covers. A pair of black spectacles rose from under the bedcovers.
“Grandma, what big eyes you have,” the girl’s voice continued.
“Why, the better to see you my dear,” came an old raspy voice.
Two large ears flopped up from under the white cap.wly d back into the floor.  As it disappeared,
“Grandma, what big ears you have,” the voice continued.
“Why, the better to hear you with, my dear.”
A clacking sound echoed in the air as a furry snout popped out from under the blanket.
“Why Grandma, what big teeth you have,” the girl’s voice said in amazement.
 “Why Little Red Riding Hood,” the raspy voice said.
“Yes…” the innocent said.
“…the better to…” A low howl started and echoed through the arena.
“... the better to eat you.” The covers flew off, the large head tipped back, and a real wolf jumped up and stood at the foot of the bed. He pulled his head back and howled into the dark.
Paavo stepped back. There was nothing between him and the wolf.
The audience screamed. Paavo stumbled backward, but something had arisen from the floor behind his legs. He tripped and fell backward. He sat down hard on the ground.
The wolf followed. It jumped off the bed and landed a few feet from his shoes. The wolf snarled and bared its teeth at him.
The swirling mist began to dissipate as the lights grew brighter around him. Two more wolves emerged and stood on opposite sides of him. Paavo was surrounded. His heart raced in his chest. A low scream rose in his throat. Something stepped up behind him. He brought his arms up to protect his body, afraid as another wolf closed in.
“Back,” the woodsman commanded over his head.
The wolves growled, baring their white shiny teeth. The animals’ bodies tensed as if getting ready to spring.
Paavo flinched as all of the wolves pounced.

Please share anything else about this story you’d like ~ maybe a difficult scene or character ~ someone or something not cooperating…

In GingerDead Man, I agonized over the final scene where I put Joe into grave danger and Paavo had to rescue him.  If it was me, Joe would have been dead five minutes into the scene.  Paavo was such a trooper; he helped me write the rescue and made it fun.  When the dust settled and Paavo thinks he can relax and breathe again.  His friend Peter pulls the rug out from under him and starts the ball rolling all over again, setting up a lot more conflict in the next book, Billy Goat Snuffed.

What are you working on now?

GingerDead Man is completed, and I’m waiting for edits.  The next book in the series is Billy Goat Snuffed Paavo and Stacey have stumbled across a film location of what looks like a snuff movie and one of their friends may be involved.

Would you share your writing schedule OR the best time of day / week to focus on writing? 

I work my regular job Monday to Thursday 8 to 4:30 and once Sydney has been walked and entertained, she will allow me to write.  And I write with her on my shoulder or under my arm.  I am great with deadlines.  Whatever needs to be done first is the last thing on my list.  I am mood driven when I write so when I want erotica, mystery or humor, that is what I need to write, but I am getting better at tricking myself to write what I need to write when I need to write it.

Where is your best place to find readers?

I wish I knew.  An author is only as good as his sales and if the book doesn’t sell, the sequels aren’t likely to happen.  I love my characters and they speak to me and come from me.  I know them as well as my friends.  So they mean a lot to me and I want them to live and breathe in my books and find new fans and homes to live in.

What tip or advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Write the book or the story you want to write.  Be true to your characters and let them do what they do, listen to them, trust them, and don’t over plot your story.  You need to have fun and try something new.  Write as if your Mom will never read the story and edit after you finish your manuscript, fix it later, don’t polish the life out of the first chapter.

Where can we find you? List all of your links.

My books are on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Bold Strokes website.

Quickie Quiz

      Getting to know Logan Zachary…

2 Things you do to relax: Soak in the tub with a good book or talk my puppy for a walk in the neighborhood.

Favorite movie: Romancing the Stone

Cat or Dog or other: Dog, my Mini Schnauzer, Sydney

Favorite places to write: Back yard screened in porch

Place you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t: Hawaii

Breakfast drink: Pepsi

Favorite season ~ why: Summer, Living in Minnesota I love the heat, men in shorts, the humid heat, shirtless men, very short shorts, the heat, men in Speedos tanning, sun tanned skin, naked flesh, the heat.  Is it getting hot in here?

What are your hobbies /past times (besides writing): Sydney is my writing assistant and my backyard in my office.

Car OR Plane: car, I hate to fly

Favorite Writing tool: Shampoo, after a hot shower, my gray cells work so much better after I shampoo my hair.

Favorite Novel: The Shining

Favorite Author: Mary Jane Maffini, I love her humor.

Beverage: Pepsi or champagne

Time of Day/Night: Night

Lace, Denim, or Leather: Denim

Beach or Mountain hike: Beach

Picnic or 5 star restaurant: Picnic

Big Bad Woof – By Logan Zachary

Paavo Wolfe owns We’re Wolfe’s Books, the place to go for Lake Superior’s horror book and movie aficionados. His best friend, Stacey, own Lotions and Potions next door. When a wolf attacks two of Stacey’s employees, against all reason, they begin to suspect that one of the victims is turning into a werewolf.

As they struggle to find the truth, they dodge a nosy news reporter, an ex-partner detective assigned to the case, a drug selling boyfriend, and too many friends trying to help solve the crime before things become really hairy.

Can Paavo solve the mystery before he runs into the Big Bad Wolf?

Buy Links:

Book ReviewBig Bad Wolf
Author: Logan Zachary
Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, Inc.

First Line: “Aren’t you a bit early for Halloween?” Paavo Wolfe asked as James McKenzie entered We’re Wolfe’s Books, Duluth’s horror specialty store.

Paavo Wolfe, aficionado of his specialty store of horror, We’re Wolfe’s Books, lives a tortured singles life since his partner, Joe DeCarlo, left.

Stacey Laitennin, Paavo’s best friend and owner of Lotions & Potions store, does her best to keep her friend in good spirits.

Peter De Winter is Paavo’s landlord and quite the side-kick. He owns Manderly Place, a bed and breakfast of sorts.

Joe DeCarlo, a Duluth cop, hasn’t gotten over Paavo, but getting close enough to him for a second chance at love is near impossible. Especially with the undercurrent of wolf attacks…and a crazy circus coming to town that includes a werewolf performance – real or not, everyone’s talking about it.

Mr. Zachary writes intriguing, ever evolving story-stars, showing an unfolding story of twists and turns enveloped in mystery. MC, Paavo gets into the thick of things and so does his ex-partner, Joe. The deeper the mystery gets, the more concerned Joe is for Paavo’s safety.

It’s a mystery with possible paranormal accounts (can’t say much here or I’ll give spoilers) and a love story gone bad that might come back to life by the ending. I cheered on Paavo, wanting him to succeed in solving the case.

There’s a lot of action and some great relationships throughout – loved Peter the landlord – his personality had me giggling a number of times.

It’s not as sexually hot as I usually read, but I enjoyed Mr. Zachary’s story-stars and the “who done it” mystery - both carried me through the story from page to page. Recommended Good Read ; )

Kay Dee Royal

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Kay Dee Royal said...

Oh my goodness Logan - I just noticed that my book review has the wrong spelling for your title. I've written Big Bad Wolf - when it should be Big Bad Woof. Very sorry for the mistake - not sure I can edit at Amazon or Good Reads once it's posted.

Thanks so much for being here - love the interview!! Sydney looks sweet:)

Kim Kimbrough said...

Loved the interview and look forward to checking out a new author. Thanks Kay Dee.

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