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Jade Hart - New Adult-Urban Fantasy - Ocean Kills - Guest Post

Hello everyone, Jade Hart is joining us this week with a guest post on the genre of her newest release, Ocean Kills. There are so many genres and sub-genres out there, sometimes it’s just nice to get a good description of what’s what, most especially if it includes a bit about a new releaseJ

Jade, it’s so nice having you as a featured guest author…thank you for spending time at my place ;)

Jade, please…take the stage, front and center…

Urban Fantasy rocks as a genre. Based in an ‘earth’ setting but with the option to add elements of paranormal is extremely freeing and lets your imagination run wild.

When I first started writing, YA (young adult) was all the rage and I tried to fit my stories into the pigeon-hole of a few kisses and not much else. I tried and I failed. I wanted a bit of heat, but I didn’t want full on erotica.

So, I created a character that was twenty-four and added some sexy elements, and found out that a lot of other people were writing in this field. New Adult is a favourite of the genres for me now, and I find it fits my work.

Ocean Kills is New Adult. It deals with a lot of topics that might be too heavy for a young adult book, but still fits in the younger market.  I love that there is a niche now for this type of book.

I’ve always been drawn to Urban Fantasy—in fact one of my favourite books: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor is based in Prague, before moving to ‘Elsewhere.’ I have also just finished reading the Faefever series, by Karen Marie Moning which deals with evil fairy’s in Dublin. I find the extra elements of unknown really create a deeper story.

I also love to travel, so it was natural for me to base Ocean Kills in a lot of different countries. Such as: Bali, England, Australia, Korea and South Africa. Interwoven with real places and facts are paranormal aspects. Ocean can teleport, but it isn’t an easy gift. She has to pay for her ability with monstrous pain, and yet it doesn’t stop her from porting to save people.

What’s your favourite genre? Are you following the trends of contemporary romance currently or do you have some urban fantasy recommendations for me?

Jade <3

Ocean Kills
Ocean Breeze Series Book One
Jade Hart

Genre: new adult sexy urban fantasy

Word Count: 97,000

Book Description: 

Around the world, murderers and rapists pick off the innocent. Killing loved ones, separating families, and ruining lives.

As an eight-year-old girl, Ocean witnessed her family’s massacre and something altered inside her. Twisting her genetic code… unlocking an ability to teleport.

Ocean Breeze was never destined to be normal, especially being named after air-freshener. She’s a shadow, a ghost—a dark savior of the innocent. Armed with a switchblade in her bra, and a box-cutter in her pocket, she hunts the filth of the world. 

Callan Bliss is a Sydney Police Officer whose skill set is far above a normal cop. All his fellow officers see is a hard-worker who loves to catch perpetrators and surf, but that’s because they don’t know his past. When Callan arrests a suspicious looking prostitute, coming face to face with a self-confessed vigilante, his secrets aren’t that easy to keep silent anymore.

Ocean hates the police with a passion, and has no intention of being held captive by a cop, even if he is sexy as hell. Teleporting from under his nose, Ocean hunts her next target—a man responsible for the largest sex ring in South Africa—and he’s about to die. But she doesn’t count on Callan giving chase, nor the body-quaking lust which consumes them. However, Ocean's dark hobbies take precedence over what her heart wants—her thirst for murdering is killing her too, and not even Callan can save her.

About Jade: 
Jade Hart is a self-confessed book worm who is happiest glued to a lap-top with an eternal battery life, and typing up stories running rampant in her head.

Her three favorite things are:

1. Unlimited books on an Ebook Reader
2. Cracking the sugar on a creme brulee
3. Travelling

Jade currently resides in Middle-Earth, but has lived in Australia, England, and Hong Kong.

She writes New Adult 'smexy' fiction. 

Twitter: @jadehart8  


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning Jade:) Hi everyone! Thanks for the clear explanation of New Adult and of Urban Fantasy...I write paranormal romance, but I'm sure some of what I write could easily fall into either of these categories (writing under another name:)

Ocean Kills definitely sounds compelling ~ congratulations on its release;) Can you share what or who inspired you most to write this novel?

Thanks so much for being a special part of my blog this week as the featured guest author, Jade. I enjoy having new-to-me and established-to-me authors sharing with readers and other writers. I'm so glad you're here;)

Jade Hart said...

Hey Key Dee!

Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I'm not very good at writing guest posts I'm afraid! :)

Um, the thing that inspired Ocean was a dream that I could teleport myself, but it was extremely painful. Then the character Ocean Breeze was born and the book wrote itself :)

Thanks again for having me!!! :)

bn100 said...

Nice post. I like paranormals.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Jade, I also get a number of ideas from my dreams...funny how that works:) AND, your guest post is great!

Thanks for stopping in bn100:) Always wonderful to virtually see you;)

Jade - would you mind giving a little back story for sounds like she had a rough childhood losing her parents...I want to know a little more about her genetic code twisting:)

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