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Helena Harker - Erotic Romance with a Twist of BDSM;)


Hi everyone! I’m so excited today ~ I get to share Helena Harker and a couple of her stories. Isn't that cover something HOT! Whew;) Helena’s an erotic romance author who writes a number of erotic sub-genres, like Steampunk, BDSM, historical – to name a few. I’ve been a beta reader to a couple of her WIP and it only took one for me to become a Helena Harker groupieJ Yes, she’s that good! Before we get started with a few interview questions – please give us a bit about you, Helena… 

I'm a teacher by day, writer by night, a daydreamer who loves to escape to other worlds. My fiction is populated by strong men, passionate women and lots of paranormal creatures. In my free time I enjoy photography and curling up with a good book.

Well…I enjoy curling up with your books:) I’m so glad we crossed paths… Okay, Helena, let’s learn about Master’s Submission

Please tell us how the idea came to you for Master’s Submission.

I had read a lot of stories about submissive women and they were quite cliché. You know, an assertive woman walks into a BDSM club and immediately discovers her true submissive nature. Ick! So I decided to write about a submissive woman—Bethany—who has to get in touch with her dominant nature. She discovers she’s a switch.

What drives, motivates, and/or inspires Bethany?

She wants to please her Master, Dylan. They have a very loving relationship and he’s the one who gets her to explore her dominant side by telling her she has to be his Domme for the evening. She doesn’t want to disappoint him, so she puts a lot of effort into tapping into a part of her personality that usually doesn’t get to come out. 

Which scene was your favorite to write? Can you share a little of it?

This is a short story, so there are only a few scenes in the whole thing! I enjoyed showing how clumsy Bethany was sometimes and adding humor to her play session with Dylan.

Humor keeps it fresh, fun, and real :0)
What are you working on now?

Ellora’s Cave has accepted my steampunk erotic novella Carnal Devices and I will soon be submitting another steampunk erotic novel called Camellia’s Cabinet of Curiosities, which is set in the same world. They are both about very strong women who struggle to find themselves and to find men that complete them. 

I fell in love with so many aspects of these upcoming releases as your beta reader – the language used is rich with the era and Camellia’s courageous, strong demeanor makes it a page turner;) Plus, it’s spicy hot *grins*
Where can we find you? List all of your links.

Twitter: @HelenaHarker

Giveaway: One lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of Helena Harker’s Master’s Submission, so please leave a comment (what you like most about erotic romance) along with a way for us to contact you in case you win;) Drawing will be on Friday afternoon (12-28-12). 

PLUS as an extra for the Holidays – I would like to add two PDF copies of One Plus One (contemporary erotic romance novella) and also two PDF copies of Staring Into the Eyes of Chance (paranormal erotic romance – Book 1 of the Lycan International Investigation Agency). 

First drawn name with win Helena’s Master’s Submission, my One Plus One and Staring into the Eyes of Chance. 

Second drawn will win my two books;) 



Master’s Submission 

When Bethany reads her Master’s note, she expects it to contain the usual set of instructions telling her how to prepare for their Friday evening play session. But her Master asks for the unexpected—he wants her to be his Domme. Bethany is terrified at the prospect, but she doesn’t want to disappoint him. She’ll need to tap into her inner dominatrix if she’s to give her newly submissive lover what he needs.


A Flight of Fantasy

On her way to a romance writers’ conference, Caroline is listening to the latest erotic bestseller on her cell phone. When she drops the phone before walking through the airport metal detector, all the passengers around her get to hear an explicit excerpt from Raw Passions, and they’re shocked. Except for Jack, the stranger who picks up her phone and is eager to start a conversation. They immediately connect, and as they wait for the plane to take off, they text each other, creating a steamy storyline that Caroline plans to weave into her next novel. 


Quickie Quiz

       Getting to know Helena Harker

Beverage?  Margarita! I love José Cuervo!

Writing Tool? My laptop. If I’m desperate, I’ll pull out a piece of scrap paper and a pen.

Pet? I have two cats and would dearly love to have a dog once my kids are responsible enough to help care for it.

Season? Spring. Not too hot, not too cold!

Time of Day/Night? Night, after the kids are in bed and I can sit at my laptop and write.

Fantasy/Paranormal Character? (ghost, witch, mermaid, shifter, vampire, etc.) I would love to be a vampire!

Pastime/Hobby? Photography and painting.

What place have you never been and always wanted to go?   Hmmm, let’s see. I’ve been to a lot of places. Probably Scotland and Ireland. Or Australia. Or Hawaii. I love to travel! 

Helena, I’m so happy to have you hanging out this whole week…through Christmas! I’m honored:) I’m thrilled at all of the upcoming releases you have coming up – congratulations! We’re going to have an excellent time…I found my party hat and dancing shoes – should be a great week:) 

Everyone – don’t forget to take a moment to comment for your chance to win – also show Helena some love and follow her on FB and TwitterJ 

Until Next Time…Warm Hearts and Hugs,

Kay Dee


Kiru Taye said...

Hi Helena, your books look great. Congrats.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Kay Dee!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hello Kiru;) You beat me here this morning ~ I love Helena's books an addiction:) *grins*
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Helena, come on in and make yourself at home - I've got coffee and tea...and a great Scandanavian Gold Cake my writer friend Marian Lanouette shared for the Holiday season:)

I'll have a few more questions for you coming how do you develop your characters - do they simply unfold within the story OR do you have a good idea of who they are before you write the story - and if so, what do you do to allow them to develop?

Happy Holidays everyone - come in and please write a comment to be automatically entered into Friday's drawing:)

Helena Harker said...

Scandinavian Gold Cake? Yum! Thanks to both of you, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Helena - It's beginning to look like Christmas here - it's snowing great big flakes:) Pretty;) Do you have snow where you're located?

bn100 said...

Happy holidays! I like the different types of stories.


Eva's Flowers said...

Absolutely love the premise of the story! I haven't read any of your books but you are going on my wishlist :) And I've sent a friend request on FB, so now I'll get to hear all about your upcoming work!


Sharon Goodenough said...

I love erotica because I admire the women who can commit so much to another. I want but can't, I guess. I also like something that takes me away from the mundane, troubling news in the world.

Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win.


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning - and hope you all had a lovely and happy Christmas:) The holiday season isn't quite over - so you still have time to hug those loved ones:)

Hello bn100 - I love when you stop in...I always smile when I see you - thank you so much for visiting:)

Hi Eva - let me say - you will not be disappointed with Helena's I mentioned, they are addictive...seriously! Thanks for stopping by - good luck in the drawing.

Gail, hello, I hear you on reading as a means of escape from the sadness sometimes cloaking the world:) You will love Helena's stories...they definitely take you away from the everyday:) There's nothing boring in anything I've read of hers'. Good Luck in the drawing:)

Helena...can you give some insight on where you come up with these strong women characters? They all have such spunk and courage...I admire them. What inspires or influences you with these women's personalities?

Helena Harker said...

I think the strong women characters are simply the kind of women I want to be. They are sure of themselves and know what they want. In my life, as a single mother, sometimes I feel things are out of control, but in a story, I get to control everything. Maybe that's why there are so many BDSM elements in what I write, because of that need for control.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Thursday morning, Helena:) I love your response for your strong, intelligent, and courageous heroines. As a single mother I'm possitive you have all of those attributes:)

I have another question for you ~ about how long does it take you to write up a short novella? On an average (this is always difficult for me to answer as every piece is different and to average them all out, each one would take me like 4 - 6 months).

Also, you have books set in historical times...I'm impressed and amazed at all of the history included in such a subtle creative question is: Are you a history buff OR are you consistently researching? AND if researching - where do you find most of your answers? time for me - I brought plenty to yourself everyone.

Rosalina Rusli said...

oh my god... love love the cover....

thanks for the giveaway, hope i'll win it :)

Helena Harker said...

How long does it take to write a novella? It seems to depend on the genre. I recently discovered that writing steampunk, with those long flowing formal sentences, is easy for me! I love everything about Victorian times, the clothing, the strict mores, and the restrictions placed on women give me lots and lots to write about. My most recent novella, which will soon be released by Ellora's Cave (Carnal Devices), took me only a month to write (23,000 words) and for me that was super-fast. "Master's Submission" is a quickie, so that took about 3 weeks, and then Ellora's Cave asked me to heat things up before they accepted it, so it took me several more days of polishing it before it was ready for publication. Considering that I work full-time and take care of 2 kids, I think I've been doing pretty well this year!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Thanks for stopping in, Rosalina - what's beneath the cover is as excellent as the cover:)

Helena - I'm amazed when authors can snap their work out in such pristene wordage as you do:) Thanks for sharing more about your process (responding to my questions, also).

Drawing will be this evening EST - there's still plenty of time to enter:)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Saturday morning - My apologies for not following through with the drawing last night, but instead it is happening right now - my handy-dandy hubby has drawn two names -

First name: Rosalina Rusli - Congratulations!!!

Second name: Eva - Congratulations to you also:)

Helena and I will be contacting Rosaline as soon as we find her email and Eva you'll be hearing from me soon :)

Thank you all for stopping in to visit with Helena - we had a lot of page views... and a nice amount of commenters - thank you all for taking the time:)

Helena - I love your books and look forward to you coming back soon for another visit:)

Wishing you all an AMAZING New Year full of warm moments that take your breath away and rich with abundant successes:)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Rosalina - I sent you a message via FB - I searched google, but there isn't an email contact or message option for me.

Please read your message and email me so we can get you the prizes:)

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